Is this only for students?

No. ōLiv Madison offers housing variety for any lifestyle, from undergraduates and graduates to young professionals and others seeking contemporary living downtown in a transit-friendly, urban accessible setting.

I’m interested in living here. What do I do next?

We appreciate your interest. Before construction can begin, this proposal must first receive approval from the City of Madison as the first step towards a Summer 2024 grand opening. We ask for your help to make this vision a reality!

Please sign the letter using this form to urge City officials to approve the ōLiv Madison proposal. You can also email us at for additional ways to take action.

Your voice is important!

How does this project enrich the Madison community at-large?

ōLiv Madison is not just a new building. It is so much more. Innovation is part of our CORE, and ōLiv Madison is uniquely designed to enrich the community by creating rental housing supply for tenants across a wide range of economic backgrounds, that Downtown Madison needs, as well as new retail offerings and an entrepreneurial incubator to foster innovation and creativity for residents and non-residents alike.

In addition to giving entrepreneurial ideas a place to flourish, this project will create significant tangible economic benefits that will filter through the entire Madison community to promote economic recovery. At a time when states and localities are scaling back funding, this project will generate approximately $2 Million per year in tax revenue over and above the current tax receipts collected on the property to support critical infrastructure, services and education otherwise funded by taxpayers. It will create hundreds of well-paying construction jobs and apprenticeships, as well as permanent employment opportunities in property management once operational.

How does this project help local businesses?

This proposal is a significant private investment in the heart of Madison’s downtown core that will revitalize a key block of State Street, which has been hit hard by the pandemic and a year of social unrest. By bringing new residents downtown, ōLiv Madison will bring millions of dollars in incremental discretionary spending power to support the downtown business community with new foot traffic and customers. The future residents of ōLiv Madison will also be consumers that eat at local restaurants, shop at local stores and help restart the economic engine of Downtown Madison.

What is the planned Entrepreneurial Incubator?

Core Spaces is thrilled to include plans for an entrepreneurial incubator designed to provide professional and personal growth to both tenants and non-tenants in the greater community at-large. Offerings include end-to-end learning, workshops, networking opportunities and mentorships through live and virtual experiences that participants will not receive anywhere else. From problem-solving workshops, leadership seminars and an in-house marketing agency, to yoga, meditation workshops and mental health awareness events, this vision for an incubator space is designed to help you thrive.

What kind of businesses will fill the retail space?

We envision an exciting mix of restaurants and traditional retailers to add convenient new amenities in the area. We are committed to providing space for locally owned small shop retailers by offering a portion of our centrally located retail spaces at below-market rents.

How much will rents cost?

ōLiv Madison will include a diverse mix of units to supply options at a wide range of price points. At this time, specific floor plans and pricing are not yet available as the project is still in the early stages of the approval process. Please email us at to be among the first to receive leasing information and updates.

Can I qualify for reduced rents?

Yes! We are working with the UW Office of Financial Aid on a plan to qualify UW students from low to moderate incomes households to be able to experience ōLiv Madison at a significant discount. We want to make ōLiv available to everyone so we are excited to offer below-market rents to qualifying students. While the details of this exciting component are still being finalized with the City of Madison and the university, we are excited to make this program a first-of-its-kind reality in Madison.

How does height compare to surrounding buildings?

At State and Gorham Streets, the ōLiv Madison will have a three-story building element to honor the scale of the neighboring retail buildings along State, even though four stories are permitted there under current zoning. The proposed height of the building steps back towards the interior of the property to 6 stories, then to 10 stories for the portion of the building that is set back over 132 feet from State Street. At a maximum height of 10 stories, the proposed building will be lower than other buildings nearby including Capitol Centre (17 stories), Ovation (14 stories), Equinox (12 stories), The Lux (12 stories), and Domain (12 stories).

rendering of oLiv Madison project that shows its height compared to surroundings

Is there parking on-site?

Yes, there are a proposed 210 parking spaces available on-site. Parking is underground and wrapped within the building footprint on three sides. Additionally significant moped parking and secure bike parking for residents and guests will be provided.

Are historic buildings being removed?

While none of the buildings that will be removed are protected landmarks, we are very aware of the rich history of downtown Madison, and will pay tribute to the architectural and cultural history of the neighborhood through a thoughtful, contextual design, including incorporating some of the historic retail facades into our building.

The proposed development does not include the fire station at the corner of Broom and Johnson, so this beloved building will be preserved in its entirety. This beautiful building is the former Madison Fire Station No. 2 at 301 N. Broom St., which was converted into offices in 1980.

What will happen to the current tenants on the site?

The current owner is working directly with the operating tenants to assist with relocations. Core understands the importance of local attributes that make a city unique, and beloved local businesses are undoubtedly an integral part of the heartbeat of a neighborhood. Current tenants are welcome in the retail space within the new development should the development timeline and other factors fit their business strategy.

The following reflect relocation plans as reported by local news outlets:

  • On January 28th A Room of One’s Own announced it would be moving to the Atwood Avenue neighborhood.
  • Community Pharmacy stated a move has been in the works for a while, and it is considering the Atwood Avenue area as of February 9th.
  • Kanopy Dance Academy is negotiating a relocation close to Overture Center where it stages performances according to an announcement made February 9th.

How can I help make this vision a reality?

Please sign the letter using this form to urge City officials to approve the ōLiv Madison proposal.

Please also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to show support and receive updates about important meetings to attend and voice support!